Press Release AfA, October 2013

We are a group of intellectuals and artists from Europe. We find it scandalous that the EU politics are increasingly treating their citizens as minors and are harassing them with warnings and bans. Such style of politics focuses on the small, and inconsequential matters whilst being excessively negligent on a larger scale. Politics have to ensure that the millions of people in Europe are not being driven into unemployment and poverty by irresponsible acts of banks. Furthermore, that the right to privacy of all citizens is being effectively protected and efficiently upheld. Those who, however, continue to dictate the compulsory application of shock warnings on cigarette packs, thus distracting from the real issues and key priorities of the people, are wasting already scarce resources of political power on irrelevancies. Such politics cause massive damage even beyond that which one would think. The politics corrupt the dignity of citizens, by treating them as minors. The citizens, however, have elected their political leaders, hence the politicians therefore challenge their own legitimacy. The continuous creation of fear by such shock warnings eventually causes irreparable damage to the societal climate. It produces timid, cowardly, submissive, sad and envious people who see the happiness of others as a threat and are vulnerable to authoritarian politics. We therefore demand politics that respect the dignity of people and which do not incite the citizens against each other by constantly presenting the other person as a threat. We demand politics that do not distract from its responsibility by focusing on the daily matters that can be regulated by the individuals themselves.

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Alexandra Ötzlinger

Press Spokesperson

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